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Hot SEALs: Love & Lagers

Hot SEALs: Love & Lagers - Liz Crowe description

Owen Taylor lost one of his best friends in Iraq. Unable to deal, he goes on a crusade to avenge his death. One that ends with him in the hospital and missing part of his leg.

Back stateside, he decides to take a job at Guardian Angel Protections Services (GAPS). Here he meets bombshell Lainey Jackson. Lainey has her own secrets and pain to deal with but finds herself attracted to the broody ex-marine.

With drama and secrets coming at them from all sides, can these two lost souls find comfort and healing in each other's arms?

Unfortunately, nothing worked for me AT ALL in this novella. It was constant OTT drama, drama, and more drama. The hero wasn't likable in the least. The heroine was a one-dimensional cardboard cutout. There was absolutely NO chemistry between Owen and Lainey.


In fact, we don't even MEET the heroine until be are 1/4th into the book. Up until that point, it's just the hero being an irresponsible and whiny asshat. Plus we get a nasty (and totally pointless) OW sex scene I could have done without. The hero and heroine don't even really interact until 50% into this novella. Which is WAY too late in such a short book. And when he do finally get to some sex scenes they were boring at best. Followed by "I Love You's" that came out of left field since there was NO relationship building.

On top of that, we have a ton of secondary characters and their relationships thrust upon us, which was really confusing to me. This part of the blurb was very misleading as well "discovers a connection with Owen—a shared love of great food and beer" Ya, not so much. They shared maybe TWO meals, and one of them was with other people around.

Sigh, yes I am being very critical, but I am also being honest, and this one just didn't work for me on any level.