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Devil's Mark - Megan Crane description


Holly Chambless life is in ruins. Her father the Mayor is going down for corruption and her mother has been in a drug-induced haze for as long as Holly can remember. When her best friend tells her there is a job opening at the local biker bar, Holly is all set to leave her squeaky-clean image behind.

Killian “Uptown” Chenier has no time for the stuck-up daughter of the man who screwed the Devil’s Keepers. He likes it fast and wild and forgettable. So why can't he get the naive princess out of his head?


So this one was just OK for me. Both the hero/heroine spend WAY too much time talking in their heads and because of that, I had a hard time getting into it, to be honest. There also wasn't really a single likable character in the book. Holly was described like some bobble headed Disney princess idiot and Uptown was nasty.

I don't expect MC guys to be angels farting rainbows, but I do expect to at least find something likable with my hero. This guy was just kind of a disgusting and needed a bleach bath just to make him halfway decent. In fact, the whole entirety of the club was a bunch of nasty gross assholes, as were the old ladies.

When Holly's best friend tells her what she had to do JUST to be a bartender and get tips...well I threw up a little in my mouth. Blow the owner of the bar. Then have anal sex with him while everyone watches, then she got to blow a line up of members of the MC. and according to Uptown, they took it easy on her because they LIKED her the other women had is worse.

Like I said, I don't expect unicorns farting rainbows, but geez this is a series and because of that I need to at least somewhat think these dudes have some sort of morals. In any case, like I said it was just OK. I doubt I'll continue on with the series.