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Falling - Allyn Lesley description

This book did my f-ing head in...

So I knew going in that this book was going to be outside my comfort zone. Surprisingly it wasn't the fact that the hero has sex with multiple women (while the heroine remained celibate) after they meet that was my issue. (and maybe that should tell you something about how little I connected with these characters as a couple.) It was the fact that this wasn't a "love story" to me AT ALL.


Two years after their ONS (that takes place at the beginning of the book) and 95% into the book the hero & heroine FINALLY get together. If I had to guess, the total amount of pages devoted to them actually being in the same place at the same time would be less than 50.

We get pages and pages on the hero's backstory, but next to NOTHING about the heroine. The hero's reaction to EVERYTHING is going off to bang some other woman. He never tries TALKING to the heroine. He was a jerk and never really stopped being one, to be honest. I STILL have no idea why the heroine avoided him. She says "he only wanted sex" but considering they never SPOKE more than 20 words to each other at any given time, I am not really sure how she drew that conclusion.

On a positive note, the writing was fine. The author does have a lot of potential. I would definitely give this author another go.

Not much else to say, unfortunately, this was a miss for me. It's awfully hard for me as a reader to connect with a couple when they are NEVER a couple for the entirety of the book. I'm giving myself two thumbs up for actually slogging through this to finish it!