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Colt (Demons of Destruction MC Book 1)

Colt (Demons of Destruction MC Book 1) - Jacqueline M. Sinclair description

DNF @ 40%

I was enjoying this one a lot. The writing was great and the characters enjoyable. Then at 40% the hero lets an OW give him a BJ while thinking of the heroine, who coincidently is with him at the bar and watches him head out to the alley with the OW. There is already an attraction on both sides. Of course, the heroine is hurt by this. But of course the VERY next day she is sexing with him like some addled brain idiot.

Sorry but NO, just NO. They are not technically together, but they are both alone at a cabin and the attraction from both sides has been played up...just gag worthy IMO and added NOTHING to the story other than to make the hero look like a disgusting asshole. Such a shame...