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Tru Blue (A sexy standalone romance)

Tru Blue (A sexy standalone romance) - Melissa Foster description


Truman Gritt is recently out of prison and just trying to lay low and get his life back on track. Little did he know that a late night phone call from his drug addict brother would change that life forever.

Gemma Wright is just out shopping late for some ice cream when she hears a baby crying. Going to check out why a baby would be out so late, she finds herself face to face with the hottest man she has ever seen. Curious as to why this man has two babies and a cart overflowing with supplies, she offers her help.

Gemma sees something in Tru that calls to her. As her offer to help turns into visits, and then more. Will Truman's dark past come between them or will Gemma find herself a home she has always wanted.


I'm pretty sure that my ovaries gave up and died halfway through reading this one. GOOD GRAVY was there A LOT of hot tatted up bearded men to baby action. That aside, this was a really enjoyable, heavy on the sweet read.

It was a low angst and pretty insta-everything type of read. With just the right amount of "feels" thrown in. You will ADORE Truman. I dare you to find one thing wrong with this guy. He's a nurturer, he's a survivor, he's a lover, he is a tatted up hot piece of man candy with a heart of gold. I fell in love with him from word GO. I loved Gemma as well, though not quite as much as Tru. That's not to say she was a bad character. She was sweet and feisty and had a heart of gold as well. Honestly, NO ONE could have eclipsed Tru for me. She was a solid second though.

"I want to wrap you up in me until you can feel how much I want you. I want to make you feel as wanted as you make me feel, because I want you Gemma, all of you. I’ve never felt like this before. I feel like this is my first time."

As well as Tru and Gemma, we get a solid cast of interesting and dare I say smokin hot secondary characters in the form of the Whiskey brothers, and sister Dixie. As well as Gemma's BFF Chrystal, and Tru's brother Quincy. I was excited as hell to read that each of the Whiskey family members will be getting their own books.

That said, I was a TINY bit disappointed in the ending. I would have liked to see a more into the future look at this couple. I imagine though that we'll be seeing more of them in the other books. What can I say? I am a sucker for further into the future epilogues. Overall though, this was a fabulous read and it gets two big thumbs up from yours truly.