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A Little Band of Red - Lily Freeman description


PJ's life is falling apart. Uninterested parents, a job she hates, and an ex-fiancee she caught in bed with her best friend. When a headache leads her to a lottery ticket worth 25 million. She leaves it all behind and buys a one-way ticket to London.

There she finds a new home and new friends. When one of them suggests a trip to a BDSM club, PJ is in intrigued. There she meets Luke Monroe, a sadist with a capital "S" After 14 years Luke has grown weary on the scene. The nameless hookups. He wants more, and when he lays eyes on PJ, he is determined to make her his.

Can a sadist really give it all up? Can a girl who claims to not like pain be enough?


So WOW was this book good. I was sucked in from page one. PJ was a great heroine I enjoyed her a lot. She was feisty and adorable. Luke was HOT. At the beginning, I was enthralled with Luke. I love me a good sadist and he was that. As the book progresses cracks start to form in Luke's facade and you just KNOW that we are headed in a direction that isn't going to end well for anyone...review continued on book two.