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Muffin Top - Tabatha Kiss description

SOOO I took another one for the team. Unfortunately, this one didn't go as well as my previous foray into starting a book without reading reviews first...


The blurb for this book was AWESOME. A hot muffin man ex-Navy Seal going all alpha and wanting to breed his little cupcake...that's a WHOLE heap of yummy frosting, right? Ya didn't pan out that way.


First of all there was something off with the writing for me. The dialogue was stilted or something. I can't really place my finger on the "what" but everyone just sounded like robots delivering lines.

On top of that Vincent didn't come across like a OTT alpha going after his muffin queen. He's been panting after her for a year, and he only steps up to the plate when she gets in trouble.


My main reason for only giving this 2 stars, and for spending the last half of the book LAUGHING MY ASS OFF was the OTT cheesiness that was Vincent and the evil Irish mob boss Aiden. Vincent was like an ex Seal turned muffin man ninja superhero. No lies, he took out THREE of Aiden's armed henchmen all by his little lonesome self. With just his BODY, no weapons, laid'em out flat.

But that's not all. When his muffin queen is kidnapped by the evil mustache twirling Aiden SHANK (yes his last name was SHANK) he fights the good fight against the henchman (who has a GUN) using kitchen items like pot lids and pans.


Even though the evil Shank gets the muffin queen back to his lair. Vincent the ninja baker is on the case. He leaves a cupcake with a homemade explosive inside to be delivered to his muffin queen. She opens that little cake of death and hurls it at that (poor henchman) causing him to go up in flames.

I could go on here, but really I think you get the point. This just wasn't that good. Unless you need a laugh, then it was excellent...