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Bad Habits - Lynn Hagen 3.5 Stars

Another good and quick read. The first sex scene in this one was SMOKIN' HOT. Brody was sexy as hell and Pip was a very likable guy.


I do wish this author would spend a little more time developing the baddie storylines. For instance, the whole making of new vampires and Pip getting changed was very interesting and could have easily been an ongoing storyline over several books. Instead, we once again have Panahasi coming in to save the day by waving his hand and all is well again. That is pretty much how EVERY baddie situation is resolved in EVERY book.

I think these books have the potential to be excellent if only the stories were fleshed out more and had more depth. Still, after reading (and enjoying) a gazillion books by this author I know what I am going to get so I can't complain too much.