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Empires and Kings - A.C. Bextor description


Klara was just five years old when she witnessed her father being labeled a traitor and murdered by a man named Vlad. Brought into his house to be raised as a reminder of his first kill, Klara has always been fascinated by the man she calls "V".

Fifteen years have passed and Klara is now a beautiful 21-year-old woman. Her feisty spirit and regular disobedience have Vlad paying more than a little attention to her. Giving into his attraction for Klara is not something Vlad can allow himself to do.

When Klara takes matters into her own hands those sparks ignite into a raging fire with repercussions that could burn them all.


So WOWZA was this book good. The writing was fantastic. The plot was fast paced and intricate. It was gritty. It was heartbreaking. It was tragic. The characters (both main and secondary) were well developed. The relationship between Vlad and Klara was slowly built up and multi-layered. I loved so many of the secondary characters and I hope we will be seeing more books with them in it. Lastly, the ending GUTTED me...I was bawling my eyes out. WHY Miz Bextor...WHY?!

Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly!