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Breathless (Players to Men#1)

Breathless (Players to Men#1) - Georgia Lyn Hunter description

I tried... I really did.

STRIKE ONE -- The heroine was older than the hero (bleh)
STRIKE TWO -- This JUST turned 21-year-old BOY had the sex life equal to a 40-year-old man. Including having sex with his shrink when he JUST turned 18. Nothing says sexy like an STD riddled 21-year-old!
STRIKE THREE -- Both these characters were hot messes and neither should have even been THINKING about getting into a relationship until after they had YEARS of therapy (hopefully at the hands of someone who DOESN'T sleep with their patients)


STRIKE FOUR -- WAY too much pushing away from the "BITTER BETTY" heroine.
STRIKE FIVE -- Both these characters means of communication was to jump to conclusions and run away whenever any conflict cropped up.
STRIKE SIX -- 60% in and NO sex, but plenty of OW cropping up and hitting on our former whore of a hero. Heck even 14-year-olds wanted a MAN just like him when they got older (trust me girls...you really DO NOT)
LAST STRIKE -- I was BORED out of my mind.