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Craving It All - Kati Wilde description

Every morning bright and early the enforcer for the Hellfire Riders MC can be found sitting at the counter of Richie's watching Sara Abu-Hamdi. Her sweet smile and sexy curves entice him like no one ever has before. It's the fearful look he sees in her eyes when anyone gets to close that has him biding his time. Have no doubt though...she will be his.

Sara is running from something and being careful has become second nature to her. Bull makes her feel safe though. He makes her laugh and he makes her tingle. When she takes the "BULL" by its horns and asks the sexy mountain of a man for a kiss and a favor the sparks fly.


When Sara gets caught in the crosshairs of Hellfire business it looks like the romance may be over before it even had a chance to start. Can Bull and Sara move past the fears and anger and find their way to a HEA?


I REALLY enjoyed this one. It was well written and the plot flowed smoothly. I was never bored or had the urge to skim. Both characters were likable and real. Sara was a strong and sweet heroine. I've honestly never read a Muslim heroine before, so that was a nice difference for me. Bull was sexy and made my heart ache SO DAMN BAD at certain points of the story. You could just feel his pain over thinking he had lost Sara before he even had her. I loved that he wasn't your typical six pack GQ model, but was hairy and thick (that sounds pervy doesn't it?) The side characters were interesting. Though Pops is really the only one that gets a lot of book time. It even had a nice little epilogue that was two years in the future.

Overall a really enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Two thumbs up from yours truly...