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Pull Me Close: The Panic Series - Sidney Halston description


Katherine lives a life of fear and anxiety. Surrounded by the walls of her tiny apartment she carries on never daring to take a step outside. That is until she decides to face her fear and finds herself at PANIC a Miami nightclub for her sister's engagement party. Soon the flashing lights and crush of bodies have Katie suffering one of the worst panic attacks of her life.


Nico doesn't have time to worry about some passed out girl in his club. She's probably some junkie anyway, and they've already had their share of bad press lately. He'll give Katie a ride back home, but then wash his hands of her. But there is just something about this waif of a girl that has him intrigued.

THE FEELS in this one...

I honestly don't know what to write in this review that would do this book and OUNCE of justice. The writing was PHENOMENAL. As someone who has suffered from social anxiety, and PTSD, this book hit close to home and close to my heart. The author obviously did her research and the subject justice.


Katie was an AMAZING heroine. So strong, and loving. Watching her bloom and get better had me tearing up through the whole book. Nico, what can I say. At the beginning, I wasn't sure I was going to like this guy. He was a judgmental ASSHOLE. Sure he had his reasons, and I even understood them. It didn't stop me from wanting to smack him. Luckily it doesn't last long and we get ourselves one of THE best heroes I've read in a book to date.

On top of that, we get some fabulous sexual tension, some smokin hot sex scenes, and a great cast of secondary characters. I am taking a moment here to give a shout out to MATT. Was that guy awesome or what? I CANNOT wait to see what happens in his book (I assume there will be one.)


Which brings me to the end. The last 15% of this book TORE my heart out. I was ugly crying. I wanted to immediately grab my loved ones close and make sure they knew I loved them.

So as you can probably tell from my gushing and probably not 100% coherent review. I ADORED this one. Do yourself a HUGE favor and add this one to your TO READ list TODAY.