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Stroked Hard - Meghan Quinn description


Hollis Knightly is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and a hot piece of man candy. He is also funny, and cocky, and won't take NO for answer. When he sets his sights on Melony and her luscious curves, nothing will stop him from making her his happily ever after.

Unfortunately Melony doesn't do relationships, and she sure as the hell doesn't do love. Can Hollis convince Melony he is there for the long haul, or will her insecurities send her running for the hills?

First I am going to start by saying this book would have been a total 4-5 star read had it not been for the heroine (more on that in a bit) It is well written. It was HILARIOUS. Hollis was one of the MOST perfect heroes I have run across lately. A non-manwhore that doesn't do the ONS thing. It's a unicorn in romancelandia for sure. I enjoyed it immensely.


So why the 3-star rating you ask? I LOATHED the heroine Melony. She ruined this book for me. She was everything I HATE in a heroine. Yes, Yes, she had "daddy" issues, I get that. I could even sympathize with her, up to a point. But the constant self-pity, and pushing the hero away got to be old by 25% into the book! Instead of rising above by grabbing onto the hand of a man who spent WAY too much time on her sorry ass, she just continues to let it drag her down. It continues right on until 60% when I FINALLY thought we were getting somewhere, nope. Then the selfish b!tch basically ruins this amazing heroes biggest day of his life by YET AGAIN wallowing in the self-pity puddle and breaking his heart.

At this point I REALLY wanted Hollis to say "suck it b!tch" and find a heroine worth his time. He doesn't do that. No, instead this PERFECT hero continues to chase her sorry ass. His letters made me shed a tear, and they were so totally wasted on this heroine.

So stepping off my ranty box. If you have a higher tolerance for self-pitying, pushing away heroines, then this is going to be a really great read for you. Like I said everything apart from the heroine I LOVED. So one big thumb, and one limp thumb up from yours truly.