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The List - Tawna Fenske description


Oh, my goodness was this book CUTE. Super SWEET. Super FUNNY. Super SEXY.

I honestly don't have a whole lot to say about this one. I LOVED it...simple as that. Simon was a smokin' hot piece of geek meat who had a heart of gold. I loved the way he was with his sister and honestly, would have loved to see more interaction between them. As well as between his sister and Cassie.


Cassie was a great heroine. Smart and sweet. And I loved her relationship with her sisters as well. When these two were not melting the pages on my tablet they were making me laugh my butt off. This was simply just a really well written...well paced...humourous...low angst read.

Now, this did lose half a star for the less than great epilogue. That's just personal preference. I like marriage and babies. That said, we are most likely getting a book featuring one of Cassie's sisters (seemed that way) so I am sure we will see more of this couple in that (fingers crossed).