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The Southern Gentleman: Protective Instinct (Dominant Heroes Collection Book 1)

The Southern Gentleman: Protective Instinct (Dominant Heroes Collection Book 1) - Sweden Reese description



At 38 years old Nolan Jackson is one of Washington's best fixers. With a failed marriage behind him, and work taking up all his time, Nolan wonders if his dream girl is just a mythical unicorn and he is destined to be alone forever.

That is until he is hired to track down runaway heiress Lola Randall. One look at her rounded curves and long legs and Nolan is wondering if unicorns really do exist.

Unfortunately Nolan isn't the only one trying to get his hands on Lola. Can Nolan keep Lola safe and escort her home to Washington in time for the election? Can he convince her to give his brand of dominance a try? Or will outside influences end this budding relationship before it even starts...

"Christ, he’d like to see those legs spread and bound on a St. Andrew’s Cross, every inch of her body his to use and own. He’d take his flogger to her first, warming every inch of her skin, then torture her with a vibrator until she was begging for his cock, his control, his domination"


First up I should say this ends in a cliffy. Don't be put off by that since the author is releasing BOTH books in this duet at the SAME time..YAY!

I LOVED this book. It was well written. It had intelligent and well spoken characters. It's a bit of a slow burn in the fact that it doesn't get down to sexy times until right at the end. Usually that annoys me, but we have instant attraction between Nolan and Lola and the build up was SO worth the wait. We have twists and turns and intelligent dialogue. The plot flows well and kept me interested.

Overall a very excellent read and now I am on to book two...