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Trigger - L.P. Dover description


Eight years ago Preston Hale disappeared without a trace taking Emma's heart with him. Now he is back. Cold. Hard. And pretending he doesn't have a clue who Emma is.

Eight years ago the urges to kill became too much for Preston to handle, so he left everything behind to join a secret government agency. A group of assassins that eliminate the dredges of society.

When fate gets a little nudge these two find themselves thrown back together for work. With the guilt of his sister and mother's death weighing heavy on him, Preston is slowly losing himself to the dark side. Will Emma's love and acceptance be the key to pulling Preston back from the brink??


I am hitting the jackpot with awesome good reads lately. I LOVED this book. It was right up my alley. I mean COME ON a super secret government group of hot assassins riding the World of evil one scumbag at a time?! What's not to love?

On top of that, the writing was fabulous. The plot was nicely paced and interesting. The sex scenes hot. Preston was such as ass at the beginning, but I warmed up quickly to him. Emma was a great heroine. She didn't take shit from Preston. Together they made a really sweet couple. Add in a nice mix of secondary characters (Wade's book is out in April). And you have a totally enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Two thumbs up from yours truly.