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Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster description


Entering a bar to take a phone call sports agent Tiffany Winters unwittingly crashes the wedding of a fellow agent. Catching the eye of the bars sexy owner Dylan Bad. Sparks fly and both have a scratch that needs to be itched. Will Dylan settle for a "one and done"? Does Tiffany have room in her busy life for more?

Filled with humor, romance, family, and love. This one is not to be missed...


Honestly, this was one fabulous little book. It was well written. The plot flowed nicely. It had smoking hot sex scenes. A very likable hero. An amazing cast of secondary characters. All in all, this SHOULD have been a 5-star read for me.

Alas, the heroine drove me NUTS for the first half of the book. I am VERY picky about my heroines and I am not crazy about aggressive and hard, and seemingly selfish ones. I literally wanted to reach into the book and take that phone and shove it up her @ss. That said, she does soften up A LOT in the second half and that saved her character for me. Just not enough to push this into perfect territory.

Other than that small foible this was a really enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to reading the other brothers books. So two big thumbs up for yours truly.