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Secrets We Keep - Mandy M. Roth 3 Wish He Would Have Kept It In His Pants Stars

This one was OK. The writing was great, and I liked both Dane and Trisha. It's VERY short, so you don't get very much depth to the story.

I didn't love that he basically knew from the first time they bumped into each other that she was his mate, but because she was human (and apparently mating with a human was illegal) he just keeps her as his BFF and fucks a gazillion women during the whole 7 years they are friends. At least she was dating and getting some as well, but she was under the impression she wasn't his type and he told her they wouldn't ever be anything more than friends. So at least I can understand it from her side.

I'm sure most people won't be bothered by that, but since he KNEW from the moment they meet they were mates, and he claimed to LOVE her the whole time, the gazillion women fucking was a tad in bad taste IMO.