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Salt Water Wounds (Oyster Cove Series Book 1) - Jennifer Foor description

I'm calling this quits at 50%, or rather I am tapping out before I decide to hurl myself off the nearest bridge....


The first 50% of this book was DEPRESSING as hell. Heck we spend the first chapter of it with Buck whining about his life and his kids and his job. We hear OVER and OVER and OVER again about how much he misses his wife (who died 7 years previously). Now I am not one that is generally bothered by the whole "dead ex" thing in books, but I wanted to smack Buck and say " Move the F@CK on Bucky Boy..." The dude even has his dead wife's bathrobe still hanging on the door.

I could have gotten over that less than impressive introduction to our hero, had he been a stand up guy. But NOOOO this dude is a self centered asshole. Here are a few quotes about how he reacts when he sees the heroine in trouble...

"Look, I’m not interested in investing my shitty afternoon in your business when I don’t have a pot to piss in myself. I’m not trying to be rude, but I need to get out of here."

That was in response to the heroine's ex (an ex that beat her almost near to death) showing up at her work and threatening her and her mentioning wanting to sell her bar. Stand up guy you are Buck...

"The last thing I want is some broad’s drama, especially her psycho ex-husband"

That was in response to the heroine BEGGING him to let her and her son come stay with him for the night to hide from he ex...


On top of ALL that everyone in this book (first 50%) is either a douchnoodle or a depressing asshat. The heroine comes across as pathetic and desperate. Buck's children (especially the daughter) come across like spoiled assholes. His house is described as a sh!thole (dog crap on the floor...dishes everywhere...empty beer cans lying around (oh ya, Buck is a bit of a drunk as well...delightful our Buck)

Apparently I went off on a little tangent there, suffice it to say this just didn't work for me AT ALL. I'm sure there will be others that embrace it fully, so don't let my ranting deter you ya, I lied...totally let it deter you.