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Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke Rugby Series) - Amy Andrews description


Good God..this is my second DNF today and again it's more of a "ME" issue than the books issue. I must be in a mood today. *lol* I LOVED the first two in this series and will for sure be reading the NEXT book in this series.

First I knew going in it was going to be iffy because I didn't particularly like Lincoln in the previous books. I am also not crazy when an author makes a hero out of a character that was a ubber manwhore in the previous books. I like it even less when said manwhore brags about being a manwhore like it's some fabulous thing to be in the book where he is supposed to be the hero. And I REALLY don't like it when the relationship starts with a BET. I mean REALLY? These are supposed to be adult men. Do none of them think it may be a tiny bit disrespectful to place money on how long if will take for the resident manwhore to get the uptight chick in bed??

Three strikes and I was OUT!