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The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club (A Luna Bay novel)

The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club (A Luna Bay novel) - Lynsey James description

This was an enjoyable little read for the most part (super cute cover also).

After having the day from Hell, Emily Reed heads to Luna Bay to learn more about her biological father and land Sunflower Cottage B&B as a client. Upon arriving she literally runs into Noah Hartley and the sparks start to fly...

"Emily, have you ever heard of a thing called “relaxing”? It’s something people do sometimes instead of working or ruining breakfasts. Come on, I’ve got some making up to do for being a complete dick to you."

I wasn't completely sold on the the hero and heroine to begin with. Emily came across as an uptight workaholic, that at the ripe old age of 25 was wearing her hair in a severe bun and sporting pant suits with shoulder pads. SHOULDER PADS people! I wasn't aware that they even STILL made jackets with shoulder pads...Noah, he just came across as a complete arse. He was ridiculously rude to Emily to start and unfortunately I found his character to be rather bland for the entirety of the book. Luckly, both of them started to grow on me and as they worked together and grew closer, their characters became much more palatable (mostly Emily).


Where this lost a couple stars for me was the constant badgering of Emily to move to Luna Bay. Noah straight up said he wasn't going to leave, and no one NOT EVEN ONCE suggested MAYBE he should move to Glasgow to be with Emily. OH NO, everyone and their brother expected Emily to leave her family, friends and really good job, to just hang around and run Sunflower Cottage. This annoyed the EVER-LOVING-HELL out of me. If Noah, or ANYONE had at least mentioned his moving as a possibility it wouldn't have been an issue. It's never brought up though. Everyone just expects Emily to drop everything...sigh.

The other thing that I found odd was Noah's mother. She painted out to be "sinister" or like "Maleficent" yet other than fall off the wagon once (she is an alcoholic) she does NOTHING to earn that label. I'm honestly not even sure what her point in the story was? Lastly, this ended WAY too abruptly and I needed more closure, an epilogue or SOMETHING.

Overall this had a few problems, but It still kept me engaged and reading. 3 Stars from yours truly...