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The Virgin Intern

The Virgin Intern - Penny Wylder description

Naomi has agreed to intern for her Uncle in exchange for helping her out. One year, and she can get out from under his disapproving thumb. On her first day she meets Andrew Finch. The very man her Uncle has warned her to stay away from.

"Our faces are still close, and his cheek presses against mine as his lips brush my ear. “I promise that when I am with you I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And I want you"

Andrew's sexy smirk and GQ body has Naomi thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts. Too bad Naomi is a virgin, and we all know men like Andrew don't waste their time on virgins. Staying away though proves harder than Naomi thought when they are both constantly running into each other. And when a case places them under the same roof, well, all sorts of tawdry things are bound to take place...


SO, today seems to be the day for less than impressive books...sigh. I didn't love this one. I ADORE this author, she is a fabulous writer, this one just missed the mark for me. I enjoyed Naomi, but found Andrew to be boring. He didn't come across as alpha in the least. They bored me as a couple. I didn't feel any spark and even the sex wasn't that interesting.

I am not ever sure how to explain it. Something just felt "off" about the whole relationship...