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Obsession - Ann Mayburn description

Hannah has spent her whole life wanting someone to love and cherish her. Growing up with cold parents that always let her know they wished she would have died instead of her beautiful outgoing sister Tiffany, left her broken. While saying goodbye to her sister, a ten year old Hannah meets an older boy fighting his own sadness at the death of his mother. Little did they both know that chance meeting would change both their futures.

Leo is a sociopath and torture master for the Cordova Cartel. A late bite to eat brings him face to face with a girl from his past. So starts the twisted cat and mouse game that lures Hannah into his web of lies and deceit. When the truth is revealed will Leo loose Hannah forever or will these two damaged, yet perfect halves to a whole get their slightly disturbing HEA?

"Times up.” Her yelp lit me up inside as I tackled her, flipping her over onto her stomach before grabbing her hands and holding them behind her back. “Daddy’s home, and he’s ready to play with his hot little slut."

What can I say. I really enjoyed this one. It wasn't nearly as kinky as I was expecting (much to my disappointment) but still had some pretty hot sexytimes. I can imagine that the whole "drug" issue is going to be bothersome to some individuals. I'll admit there were certain parts where I was uncomfortable. I didn't like the way Hannah was referred to as an "experiment" by others (not Leo) I DID feel that her free will WAS taken away a bit, especially with the use of the sex drug. It didn't take away from my enjoyment, but did push my limits.


That said both characters (in need of a TON of therapy) were well written and enjoyable. Hannah was over the top needy and Leo was smothering. A combination made in fuckedup relationship heaven. We also get to meet an array of interesting side characters. I am especially looking forward to a book with Ramon and I assume Joy (Hannah's roommate) and hopefully we'll get one with Mark as a hero as well. The plot was well thought out (if a bit farfetched) and kept me turning the pages, and I haven't been able to say this very often lately, but it even had a sweet little "15 years later" epilogue.

Overall, a great way to spend a few hours. Two thumbs up from yours truly.