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Going the Distance - Mila Rossi description


I had high hopes for this one. The blurb made it sound right up my alley. Unfortunately, it just didn't end up being that great for me.

My main problem was Trent himself. He was such a HUGE self-centered egotistical douchenoodle at the start that I was already over him five minutes after being introduced to him. But I continued on hoping that we would see some character growth and I would warm up to him. That never happened. He pretty much stayed the same self-centered asshole through the whole book.


Nothing he did made me think this guy wanted the heroine for more than a f@ck. Even the sex scenes screamed "lay of the day." This wasn't helped by the lack of time these two characters spent together. Three dates, two f@cks, where he basically left while she was sleeping and ignored her for days/weeks. Then after not hearing from him for months he shows up at her door at the end saying "I want forever with you" I was like WTF?

Now that said, this DID have the bones to be a really great story and I think the story had a lot of potential. The relationship between the H/h just needed to be fleshed out more and maybe a little more character growth from the hero would have been nice.