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Chasing Charlie - Aria Cole description

Charlie de Rossi spends her days working with her brother and father at the family bar. She has learned the hard way not to trust men. So when the sexy 6ยด plus of smoking hot sex appeal (throw in some charm and an Irish accent) Liam Fitzpatrick stars helping out she is reluctant to get too close.

Liam Fitzpatrick is trying to make a life for himself far away from his family's expectations. One look at Charlie and Liam knows he will do anything to make her his forever. But when a secret comes to light, will Liam lose Charlie forever??


This was just an OK read for me. The story itself was sweet. Charlie was a good heroine. Not overly annoying. Liam was sexy and sweet and a really great guy. Everyone was nice. It just wasn't WOW. It felt bland like something was missing. I didn't feel a spark or connection between Liam and Charlie. The letter her Dad wrote seemed odd and out of place (I mean how did he even know they were fighting?) Liam's parents are painted to be these uptight royalty types that were upset he choose to go to the U.S for school, but apparently have NO issue with him marrying Charlie?

Eh, like I said, it was just OK...