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Where She Belongs - Dani Wyatt I'm not really onboard with the whole "virgin hero" thing to be honest. If they are in their late teens, early 20's, then I can talk myself into it being realistic. A 36 year old man who runs a gentleman's club, and looks like a sex on a stick, ya, that shit ain't gonna fly...

"What the fuck? I want her home, and what I mean by home is in my bed, under my roof, with my last name coming right behind the “Mrs.” when she introduces herself."


Other than the ridiculousness of a 36 year old virgin that talks like a porn star (i'm sure he learned that all on the internet), this one was OK. It was sexy and had some hot sex scenes. Very insta-everything. The heroine came across a bit too childlike in my opinion and that gave it a bit of a creepy vibe. This also had a less than impressive epilogue.

Side Note: There is a line in the book that annoyed the fuck out of me... "standing here chatting and grinning like a fat kid eating cake." Call me nitpicky, but why the fuck did the author feel the need to add the word FAT into that sentence...NOT cool author...NOT cool.

P.S Please author for the love of god NEVER use the term "PINK-WINK" to describe lady parts EVER again. The World thanks you...