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Brutal Discoveries - Kasey Millstead description

SO let us get this out of the way to start. This author was MAJORLY hitting the Kristen Ashley inspiration bong whilst writing this little diddy of a book. No judgment from yours truly. Just telling it like it is...


Scarlett Everett is the owner and head baker at a successful bakery called Sweet Treats She's been lucky in life and has always wanted to give back to the community. She volunteers for the Friends for Lifers program at South Glenn prison, and there she is paired with Damon Salt a convicted murderer and rapist. What happens during those visits will forever change her life.

Aden West is a prison guard at South Glenn. Tall with indigo eyes and tattoos, he is quickly named #HOTTIE by the staff of Sweet Treats and when he turns those eyes on Scarlett she just can't seem to stop her racing heart.


"Obviously, I work here. Clocked you on your first visit, babe, watched you on the monitors, wondering what a hot piece like you would be doing visiting a joint like this."

This was an OK read. I enjoyed it for the most part (mostly because it reminded me so much of KA's Rock Chick series) The writing was a little simplistic, and there were things I thought needed to be a little more fleshed out. The Damon angle added some darkness and mystery to the story, but I felt that the parts where he read his journal were a bit too long and actually had the effect of disrupting the flow of the story. It didn't help that sometimes the changeovers from Scarlett/Aden to Damon reading his journal was very abrupt and it took a few seconds to realize we were back in the prison and were getting Damon's story. I will say the twist that occurs at 70% actually surprised me. Not that I didn't KNOW what the twist was, that I had figured out quite early. The WHO though did throw me for a loop because I was thinking it was going to be someone else. So kudos to you author for THAT!

"Babe,” he sighed. “Your hair, your smile, those tits, that ass…makes a man think of nothing more than lifting that apron up over your hips"

Both characters were enjoyable. Aden was a carbon copy of the typical KA hero. Doesn't talk in complete sentences. "BABE" this and "BABE" that. "BABE EYES" and "THANK FUCK" Well if you've read any KA books, then you get the idea. I liked him a lot though. I am a sucker for that type of hero.

Scarlett was also a likable heroine. She wasn't shrilly or over the top bitchy. She wasn't TSTL, and there wasn't really any pushing away by either character. This was pretty much insta-love on both sides. The side characters were fine. I'm guessing we will get a second book that features Scarlett's BFF and Aden's friend Will. They have a bit of a side story in this one, but I sense there is more to be written.


Where this one did lose some stars for me was the complete lack of angst the "TWIST" caused. We have shock, but then everyone goes on with their lives as happy as can be. In fact the last 30% of the book slowed down to a grinding pace and I found myself getting bored. Also, there was this one totally not needed and ridiculously placed OW scene that cause about 2 pages of drama. It was SO out of the blue and unnecessary, especially that late into the book.

Overall I liked it, but didn't LOVE it. If you are a fan of KA like me (especially her early stuff) then I would imagine this would be a decent way to spend a few hours.