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Like Fresh Fallen Snow (The Graysons) - Tara Wyatt description



Ellie Richards is on her way to spend New Year's Eve with her best friend when her car slides on a patch of black ice. Firmly stuck in a snowbank and searching for her phone, she is surprised when she hears a knock on her car window.

Matt Grayson is finishing up his last day on the job when he runs across a stranded motorist. He stops and helps to dig Ellie’s car out from the side of the road. There is just something about this cute blonde in librarian glasses that has Matt feeling things he hasn't in a long time. Unfortunately Matt is moving to Seattle right after New Year's Eve, so he sends Ellie on her way.


Fate has other plans for these two when later they meet again and neither can deny the attraction and chemistry. Deciding to enjoy each other's company for the short time they can, they embark on a night of passion. When the sunrises and it's time for Matt to leave, will either be able to forget and move on, or will these two hearts find a way back to each other?

I LOVED this short and sweet little novella. The writing was great and the plot flowed nicely. Both characters were likable. Ellie was adorable in a geek girl kind of way. Matt was a sweet and sexy non manwhore. They had great chemistry and sexual tension. The side characters were interesting as well (and now I MUST go back and read book one in this series.)

"She couldn’t stop staring at him. It felt ridiculous to even think it, but he was beautiful. He was like a stunning work of art that needed to be adored and appreciated."

I do think this would have made a really great full length novel. Everything is VERY "insta" since the whole novella takes place over 4 days. I would have enjoyed more fleshing out and more buildup. That said, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. My other minor complaint is that is had NO EPILOGUE. Maybe we are going to see this couple in another book, but I REALLY wanted a look into the future for this couple since they (especially Ellie) were making major changes to their lives.

Oh well, can't have it all I guess. Still gets two thumbs up from yours truly...