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HUGE X3 - Stephanie Brother So I went into this one thinking I was going to get some hot menage action, with a little storyline thrown in. What I ended up with was a WHOLE bucket full of serious drama llama real life issues. Talk about depressing!


For that reason I just never connected with the characters. There was WAY too much going on and the relationship (if you want to call it that) just wasn't believable. Bryan was a HUGE pussy that let his father pressured him to stay away from the woman he apparently "LOVED" for three years. Not until she started banging his two half-brothers did he grow a pair. Even then, it took over half the book.

"Too many of my BFF’s have partnered up. First Jenna with her step brother Harrison, then Carrie with her step brothers Ethan and Nathan. Maybe that’s my problem. I don’t have a stepbrother to seduce me. I need to get me a step brother!"

On top of that, the ending was rather abrupt and it left us with a ton of unanswered questions. Kaitlin is facing this HUGE real life issue throughout the entirety of the book, but the aftermath of it is totally glossed over in the epilogue like that author couldn't be bothered to write about it anymore. The title is also misleading because they are not step-anything. Katelin's mom and Bryan's, Ethan's and Jason's dad are just in a relationship, NOT married. In fact we NEVER find out if they actually ever get married (see unanswered questions comment)

In summary WAY too much real life issues that overshadowed what could have been a really good menage romance.