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Fat - Sam Crescent Negative Stars...

OK, shit was this book BAD. The characters were 18 year olds, but spoke like a bunch of 14 year olds. Which made the one lackluster sex scene rather awkward. Not to mention Noah at just 18 was a man-whore, sleeping with girls AND women?? When Elsa and him go to have sex for the first time he mentions it's been awhile since he had sex with anyone. So I guess he started man-whoring at an early age??

Everything about this book was awful, the writing, the plot, the stupid mean girl characters. The whole "I LOVE YOU will you MARRY ME" at 18, and the epilogue was eye roll worthy.

BAD BAD BAD did I mention it was BAD.


Side Note: I assume costume is British for bathingsuit, otherwise I am ALL sorts of confused on why he wanted her dressed like a clown for swimming. *lol*