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Passion (Mafia Ties: Brandon & Carly) (Volume 3)

Passion (Mafia Ties: Brandon & Carly) (Volume 3) - Fiona Davenport description

The Mafia Ties series continues with Brandon & Carly's story...

Brandon is an enforcer for Nic (the hero from the previous books) and Carly is an informant helping to get rid of her father.

I really enjoy this author's books, and this series was no different. Brandon & Carly were a great couple. Brandon was a super sexy dirty talking Alpha that this author excels at writing. I enjoyed Carly as well, but I still think my favorite heroine is Anna.

The plot kept me interested even if I did think the dispatching of the "baddies" seem to be a TAD bit too easy. Let's face it though, I don't read these books expecting a literary masterpiece.

This hit the spot for my craving of OTT alpha and insta-love. Two thumbs up...