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Bound to Surrender - Jenna Jacob description

Moses and Trevor have always been one of my favorite couples of this series. They have been together, and solid, since book one. Always in the background being supportive and smokin hot together.

If you have read the previous books you know Trevor was a victim of a hate crime in one of the earlier books. This is their struggle to come to terms and heal in the aftermath of that incident.

"Tell me how to fix this for you, love. I can’t stand this distance between us. Come back to me, precious. Please. Daddy needs you,” Drake whispered, allowing several tears to leak from his eyes."

This book hit me right in the feels. I think I spent most of it dabbing my eyes and sniffling. SO many emotions. My heart ached for Trevor and all he had to overcome. It cracked open for Moses, a strong "Daddy Dom" reduced to tears and uncertainty. Yet even in that uncertainty these two clung to each other and refused to walk away. The love these two have for each other is limitless.


So why not 5 stars? WELL...I didn't like the whole surrogacy thing. It wasn't the fact they decided to be parents. That was awesome and I think they will make AMAZING fathers. I didn't like the way they went about it. I didn't like that they used Julianna (heroine from book one.) I didn't like the whole "home insemination" delio (that was just WEIRD.) I didn't like it was implied she had postpartum depression and it required them to give her alone time with "THEIR" baby until she could give up her maternal rights. I know we were suppose to take it as this great grand gesture between this group of amazing friends yadda yadda yadda, but it was a complete miss for me. It just FELT weird...almost icky. I don't know. I just didn't like it. I would have prefered they used a "no name" to be the surrogate.

Other then that issue, this was a solid, well written, 4 star read for your truly.