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Whatever It Takes (The Cline Brothers of Colorado Book 1)

Whatever It Takes (The Cline Brothers of Colorado Book 1) - C.M. Steele, Perfect Pear Creative, KA Matthews, Reggie Deanching Sigh. I keep reading this author because I really enjoyed some of her earlier books, but lately they've just been OK for me.

Again we have some juvenile dialogue, and really immature acting people. The dudes in this book were all a WEE bit on the trigger happy side "Can we shoot Boss, Huh huh?? Can we shoot 'em??" and the hero got injured by a bull making him unable to get a full erection, but ONE look at the heroine and he was miraculously cured.

Then, even though EVERYONE knew the husband tossed her off a cliff, The hero still thinks thoughts like this "Perhaps the husband would leave the area if he couldn't find her" WELL, since it was the HUSBAND who tossed her ass off the cliff to begin with, not entirely sure he is looking all that hard for her. The whole "married to the BAD BAD Mafia king" made not a lick of sense either. Why in the World would a big bad mafia guy force a college drop out waitress to marry him, then off her after a couple months because he found out she was on birth control pills??

On top of that this was BORING as hell. Look, I know I am being nitpicky, but there is only so much I can overlook before I just want to chuck my tablet across the room.