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Everything for Her - Alexa Riley This one was just good for me...not great. Maybe my expectations were too high or something. I found that it dragged a lot and I was bored.

I think the authors could have cut down on the time it took Mall finding out the big secret and spent more time with Paige and Mile's groveling. I hate a heroine that gives in literally hours after finding out most of her life and achievements of the past 5 years were a lie. There just wasn't nearly enough grovel in my opinion. The beginning was super slow, the middle part picked up, but then we went back to the super slow that dragged on and on. I also didn't find Mile's particularly alpha like a typical AR hero. In fact, I found him and Mallory a little on the bland side. AND, because I feel in a particularly picky mood today, I will say I also didn't like that they only had one child Ya, Ya, picky much Eve? What can I say? I like lots of babies

I was just underwhelmed. That said, I think Paige's and Ryan's book sounds WAY more interesting and Ryan sounds like he has the potential of being WAY more alpha. So I AM looking forward to that one...