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Bourbon Blues - Bijou Hunter 3.5 Stars

This book was a RIOT.

I enjoyed this one for the most part. I LOVED Camden and Daisy and their interactions. Her family was also sweet. However, I LOATHED Camden's brother Dayton and doubt I will bother reading his book.

I also found it to drag a bit, and wished there was more information about the MC. It's hovering there in the background, but nothing is really fleshed out with that aspect of the story. I think had there been more time spent on that aspect, and a little less on "farts" and sometimes really juvenile dialogue. It would have garnered another star from me. Also, the epilogue confused me a bit. Obviously we are shown into the future they have three kids yet we everything seems to be the exact same MC wise??

Overall though I am glad I gave it a read.