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Lost Reaper - Shelley Russell Nolan 3.5 Stars


Twenty-five year old Tyler Morgan's craving for mints costs her her life, twice. Attacked by a undead madman and left lying in a puddle of her own blood, the end of her all too short life is looking like a given. That is until the Grim Reaper shows up and makes her an offer she can't refuse. Hunt down a runaway reaper and get to live another day. Alas, things are not as straightforward as Grim has lead her to believe...

"Regardless of who killed them or why, the dying had the right to be treated with respect. I had agreed to act as reaper for Easton. I had a job to do, and it was time to stop whining and get over it."

This one took me a bit to get into. I found the writing to be a little "off" at the beginning. I really can't pinpoint why, just a feeling I had. That said, it seemed to improve greatly and I was swiftly caught up in the ongoing story. The plot kept me interested and I didn't find it dragging at any point. The characters were well written. The World building interesting. It had a few twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Where it lost a star for me was the "love triangle" I got tired of the back and forth between Sam and Chris and Tyler. Throw in the asshole ex and the BFF that cheated on Tyler, and I found it a bit distracting.

Overall though I really enjoyed this one and will definitely be keeping an eye out for book two in this series.