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Until June

Until June - Aurora Rose Reynolds This book was very reminiscent of the KA of old. In fact the prologue was VERY similar to that of Wild Man. Since I LOVE the KA of old, this book was right up my alley...


Low angst, and the hero remained celibate whilst the heroine moved on which is pretty much a unicorn in Romanclandia these days. I do think that there could have been a lot more groveling done on his part. I mean he sent his mom to her with divorce papers that's kind of an epic douche move worthy of at least a few pages of grovel. She fell back into his arms a little too easily in my opinion. There were also a few things I felt were underdeveloped. Like Evan's brother, June's ex, and the whole motorcycle club thing. The first two were just left hanging, and the last was wrapped up a bit too quickly and neatly.

That said, the book was HOT AS HELL. I loved all the side characters, and seeing the characters from other books. The story flowed nicely, and it had a cute (if a bit too short) epilogue. Overall though a very enjoyable read.