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Sordid - Nikki Sloane Two things about this book. One, I am REALLY not getting why this was banned on Amazon? I'd read WAY worse in books published on there? Two, I LOVED this book, and I am not exactly sure what that says about me...

I ADORED Luka. I probably shouldn't have since he did in fact rape her but I just loved him in all his sadistic, dirty, twisted glory. He was HOT. The sex (of which there is a TON) was SMOKING. This author knows how to write a sex scene for sure. Addison was more complicated for me. She didn't annoy me per se, but the constant in her head "Oh he is doing such BAD things to me, I don't want to like it, why do I like it?, OMG I LOVE it!" got a bit repetitive after awhile. Let's just say she didn't try all that hard to get away from Luka (can't say I blame her).

For the topic, this book was surprisingly low on angst. No OW/OM, no cheating. I found Luka's family really interesting, and was kind of hoping we'd get more of a storyline about them. Especially Vasilije. Maybe we will get a book featuring him? One can hope! Lastly, I thought that the book wrapped up rather easily, and a with a little too much of a bow. I wanted a messier ending. Not sure what I wanted exactly, but just less of a they lived HEA and more of a "they will live to fight another day"

All that aside though...this was really an enjoyable read.