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Punished - A Dark Billionaire Romance

Punished - A Dark Billionaire Romance - Penelope Bloom 3 HURT MY HEAD Stars

This was a pretty good read for me. I've never read anything by this author before but I enjoyed this one enough that I will check out some of her other books.

So like I said I enjoyed this one for the most part. The writing was good. The pace moved along nicely. I loved Logan. He was sexy and Dominant. That said, it did have a couple issues that took my rating down.


One, the heroine was a bit annoying to me. Mostly because I legit couldn't figure out what her issue was. She had "trust issues" and this somehow translated into her not being able to get off when having vanilla sex? Which made NO sense to me. Because at the very heart of a BDSM relationship is TRUST. She was trusting enough to have this guy tie her up and blindfold her in his HOME with NO ONE around, but making love...NOOO. And the tennis court scene...no clue what that was all about. Why was Logan so mad?

My other issues was the ex-wife. Her blackmailing scheme was just left hanging. I guess he stopped paying her off, but it's never really mentioned. Also, what happened to her mom? What happened with her Dad who basically stole ALL her trust fund? *shrug*