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Never Wed an Outlaw - Nicole Snow I'm not going to rate this one because I basically skimmed it and I don't rate books I skim or only read the sample of..

This one started out pretty good. We have Hannah who is pregnant and in labor and has been running to keep her family safe for some months. The bad guys finally catch up to her, and kidnap her and the baby.

At this point I was all in and raring to go expecting to see this OTT alpha biker prez hunting down the woman he loves. Instead we are thrown back in time 18 months to the start of their relationship and it takes the WHOLE FRIGGIN BOOK to get back to the events that we read about in the first chapter.


Basically Hannah is saved easy peasy in the last two or three chapters and they live HEA. I HATE that type of scenario with a PASSION. I don't want to read a whole book of backstory. I want the PRESENT story. Don't tease me with something, and then make me waste my time reading about EVERYTHING that lead up to the interesting part..sigh.

Like I said, I am not going to rate this one. It's was more a miss because of my own pet peeves than the book being bad.