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Broke - Esther E. Schmidt Esther E. Schmidt is a new author to me, but I have been hearing great things about her books, so I figured I give one a go.

"Do I need to tie you down?” I growl. Her breath catches. Fuck, she’s thinking about it. “Mmmmaybe.” She moans."

This is Roan and Broke's story. Roan is in the hospital after being beat up by a Russian mob asshole. Broke is VP of BROKE DEEDS and heads to the hospital to look after her until her sister Mila and her husband can get there. One look is all it takes and both their lives will never be the same...


I enjoyed this one. This author has a very readable way of writing that draws you into the story, and keeps you hooked right until the end. I thought both characters were great, but Roan outshone the hero in this one for me. She was just an open book, laid all her cards on the table for Broke and just never backed down. Broke on the other hand annoyed me at times. He had something horrific happen to him in his past, so I tried to cut him some slack. Alas, sometimes his behavior gave me whiplash. He was your typical "caveman - alpha - she's mine" right from the start, but some of his other actions had me frustrated and wondering if he is EVER going to stop hiding from her. That said, it was just a minor annoyance. This also had a plethora of excellent side characters that I am looking forward to reading about. Especially Grams, she was a hoot.

Where this lost a star for me, and this is ALL about my personal issues. I LOATHE the endearment "LITTLE MOUSE" I HATE it with the intensity of a 1000000 white hot burning suns. Everytime Broke called Roan that I wanted to punch someone. I also would have liked Broke's background pinned down a TINY bit more. I mean he is VP of Broke Deeds, and apparently richer than Donald Trump, and owns a casino in Vegas AND a barista, ya, a barista. That came a little out of left field. *lol* Maybe his background is explained more in book one??

That aside this gets the two thumbs up from yours truly...