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Giving It to the Bad Guy - Sam Crescent This book was really just kind of blah. Sarah and Knife were boring as a couple. The sex was boring. The whole Ralf situation was resolved awfully. I mean seriously, was it necessary to have Saint kill the guy like an animal?? He straight up murdered the guy. It wasn't self defence or anything! I am not even sure I WANT to read Saint's book now because there really isn't anyway for him as a character to come back from what he did in my eyes. The dialogue seemed stilted and clunky also...sigh. Such a disappointment this was....

Pipe was also kind of an asshole to Sarah in this one. Him and Elena tell her she can stay at their house, then she walks in on them having full on intercourse IN THE KITCHEN (who does that when you have a guest staying in your home!?) Then later when Sarah comes out of her room embarrassed he says something along the lines of. "I'm not going to stop having sex with my woman in my house, so if you have a problem with that you can find somewhere else to stay!" WTF...asshole, you invited her to stay with you!