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Sugar Daddies - Jade West I love Jade West. This author can really write dirty hot like no other.


Unfortunately despite being super excited about reading this one, I found it to be just "OK". I LOVED Carl and Rick. I loved them together. They were super sweet and fucking sexy as hell. I loved them with Katie. Again, sexy as fuck sex scenes. Alas, Katie herself...well a more annoying selfish twit I have never had the displeasure to read. Everything was "MY dream MY dream MINE..." She was a raging bitch towards her father and sister (slightly understandable) but it was way OTT in my opinion.

My biggish issue though, this book was just so L-O-N-G. I felt like I was reading for days. It just dragged ON and ON and ON. Near the end I was just skimming to see how everything was going to end up.

In summary, hot sex scenes, loved Carl and Rick, Katie annoyed the fuck out of me. WAY too long...