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Draw Me Close - Nicole Michaels 3.5 Stars

I usually am not to fond of the whole ex turns up pregnant, so I am going to leave the woman I love to marry the bitchy crazy (cause they are ALWAYS bitchy & crazy) ex and claim I am choosing my child. which is exactly what the premise of this book was. That being said, they make great reads when you are in the mood for a angsty heartbroken heroine. Which I was...


I surprisingly really enjoyed this one! It was well written, the plot flowed nicely. I never felt the need to skim. The secondary characters were well written and interesting. It had just the right amount of angst. There was push/pull, but I felt it was appropriate for the story.

I liked Derek considering I think the reason he left Lindsey was stupid, but that is just my opinion in general with that particular plot device. I felt he groveled, and understood what he did hurt not only Lindsey, but himself and Lisa. He also didn't steamroll back into Lindsey's life, but pushed, and then backed off when she asked. He was a pretty likable character. I really liked Lindsey also. I felt her pain at what Derek had done, the lies etc. She was a strong heroine, and didn't just fall back into his arms. He had to work at getting her to trust him again.

Considering this appears to be the final book in the series, I was a little disappointed that we don't get an epilogue about this couples future. I would have liked to have been giving a peek into the future with marriage and babies and all that. The book felt a little incomplete without it.

Overall though I enjoyed this one, and will probably check out the books in this series.