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The Institute: Daddy Issues (Age Play Discipline Romance)

The Institute: Daddy Issues (Age Play Discipline Romance) - Evangeline Anderson, Reese Dante, Barb Rice I had such high hopes for this book. A 6ยด6 Russian Daddy Dom, well that be the stuff of fantasy, my fantasies in any case.


Alas I was left feeling underwhelmed. What could have be a super hot interesting story, was lukewarm at best. Two detectives, partners, go undercover to catch the person selling some new date rape drug called "PLEASE DADDY" Oh course both have "daddy" issues, though Salt seemed to have a better handle on his then Andie did. Salt has to play "Papa" whilst Andi plays "Mishka"

If that scenario doesn't scream HOLY HELL HOT, I don't know what does. Alas this book is tame, and dare I say, it was boring. To say it was a slow burn would be an understatement. Don't even get me started on how totally underwhelming the whole "undercover operation" ended.

While I adored Salt, with all his sexy Russian accent, Andi was really an awful heroine. I cut her some slack at the beginning of the book because for people outside the lifestyle the whole "daddy/little" dynamic is hard to wrap your mind around. The problem was, she just never got off her judgey high horse. Even when people took the time to try and explain to her about the lifestyle so she could do her job properly, she was always tossing out the "OMG THAT'S SICK" or "OMG THATS PERVERTED" She put the undercover operation in jeopardy SO many times with her stupid bratty behavior, that I had a hard time believing she was even a detective, or a very good one at least. I had an even harder time believing she suddenly at the end wanted the whole "Papa" thing.


This was really a disappointment for me. I wanted more sex (they FINALLY actually get it on at the very end of the book), I wanted more action on the undercover front. I wanted someone to shoot Andi in the head and find Salt, delicious Salt, a real woman, not an annoying repressed bitch!!