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Dance of Desire - Christopher  Rice SO holy WOW was this book good! Amazingly well written. It had a ton of feels, and was actually full of humor. It was sexy as fuck also! Belinda and Amber's mother were SO funny.

I hated what Abel did to Amber and Caleb, and if he hadn't already been dead I would have killed him myself. There is sort of some redemption of his character at the end, but I still wasn't feeling his reasoning or actions. It cause to many years of pain for Amber and Caleb.

Both Amber and Caleb were likable characters. Both fell in love when they were 15, but then circumstances (and Abel) tore them apart. Amber went on to marry her douche bag hubby she catches cheating, and Caleb traveled, and got married/divorced. They are reunited and sparks fly again.

I was really amazed at how well this book was fleshed out considering it's a novella. It felt like a complete full length novel to me. There was a little background on the characters which is sometimes missing in novellas. The side characters were great also. I hope Belinda gets a book, she was a HOOT!

Overall, I was really impressed with this one!