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Black - Aria Cole This was a sweet book. Insta-love, with an scarred alpha hero. I liked both characters for the most part. Although I found Elle to be ridiculously naive. A 21 year old woman that has never masturabated?? And when they get finished having sex this conversation takes place...

"Maxwell, I’m not on birth control,” she whispered, and instead of sending me running out the door, my heart fucking rattled in my chest with hope and joy. “Well, that’s an interesting turn of events, isn’t it?” I grinned as I collapsed onto her body, my head tucked against her neck. “Should I go shower or something? To make sure I don’t…get pregnant?”

Seriously? My 14 year old daughter knows that a shower isn't going to save you from getting pregnant. Did Elle grow up in a cabbage patch?


I also thought that the hero and heroines backgrounds and the side story with Elle's father and the money could have been a little more sussed out. Overall though I thought this was a fairly decent book for this first time author (i'm assuming first time).