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Six (English Edition)

Six (English Edition) - K.I. Lynn, Vanessa Bridges, Marti Lynch O-M-G this book....


I don't know where to start with this one. I LOVED it from start to finish. The plot was AWESOME and highly entertaining. It was just like reading an action movie.

I ADORED Paisley (Lacey), she was feisty and strong in the face of all she had to endure. Six was, well Six was difficult. I thought he was HOT as hell in a twisted psychotic type of way, but a lot of his actions pushed me past what I feel comfortable with.

This leads me to the reason that this is a 4 star read as opposed to a 5 star one. This book REALLY REALLY REALLY needed Six's POV. "I" really needed that for me to connect to him as a character, ESPECIALLY when his behaviour (and words) crossed my comfort line. I needed to know what his thought process was. I needed a TINY look inside his head to feel that he actually has some sort of feelings for Paisley. Without that look, I unfortunately felt a little disconnected in their "romance" as it were.

That said, I still LOVED this one. There are a few side characters introduced that I would love to see get their own books. Overall though a really great way to spend a few hours.