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Rough Billionaire: A Billionaire Alpha Male Romance

Rough Billionaire: A Billionaire Alpha Male Romance - Sophie Sawyer This book was just OK.

Things were going along fine, and I was enjoying it, then they have sex for the first time. She's a virgin (of course) and he likes rough sex. Now that's fine, I can get on board the rough sex train no problem, but let me just say. Ain't NO WAY IN HELL a virgin is popping her cherry, and like two hours later getting fisted (sans lube), and having butt sex (again sans lube) and not needing a trip to a hospital. I can suspend belief, but COME ON!


So after that, they head off to meet his mother, and the dialogue all of a sudden turns stilted and weird. They plan to move the heroine's crazy old neighbor into his mother's house without bothering to ask the crazy old lady. I was thinking "maybe she don't want to give up her own damn apartment and move in the heroes mother!!" Plus the heroes mother tells the heroine all this stuff about the heroes crazy abusive father, who is in jail, but who the mother STILLS writes letters too even though when he gets out he plans on killing her, then she tells the heroine "YOU BETTER NOT TELL DAMON. HE'S GOT ENOUGH ON HIS PLATE" I was like WTF!!??

It was just all to bizarre!