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Wyatt the Heartbreaker - Blue Saffire 2.5 Stars

This book had the potential to be a 4 star read, alas it suffered from the need of a good editor! I enjoyed the brothers, and family dynamic, and the characters were likable. Alas there were SO many sub plots going on, SO many characters, and SO many time jumps, that I just started to skip to get it finished!

We had the abusive ex, and may I point out, you can't just kill someone and depose of their body even if they are a bad guy douche!! We have the dieing parent We have the blow back from a case and on top of ALL that we have side stories for almost all the brothers going on at the same time!!

It was a holy hell of a mess! If that author could tighten things up, and pare down the stories a bit more she could really make a name for herself!

Side note: I want to hear more about 6ยด5 350 lbs of muscle Noah..."hello tree..I'll be your monkey!!"

Second side note: Dear author, please never again in any book you write use the words "fat pussy" Like ever...thank you!